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Concert Tickets

Tickets for our concerts may be:

With occasional exceptions, tickets normally go on sale 4 weeks before a concert.


Payment is currently by cash or by cheque (made payable to 'The Crossing Church' and then transferred internally to 'Friends of The Crossing').


Seats are not numbered, though tickets are. Admission into the concert halls is from 6:45 pm, whilst drinks are served in the cafe area from about 6:15 pm.

Wheelchairs can be accommodated, though we prefer advanced notice that this will be required.  

 Proximity to the performers does not automatically offer the best sound balance to the seated audience!  

Ticket Pricing Policy

The Programme is not  the recipient of any external grant funding or artistic subsidy and concessionary ticket pricing cannot always be the norm. It will be recognised that as a charity  we are not allowed to run loss’ making concerts’

 Your presence at 'Music @ The Crossing' concerts is therefore also supporting the continued availability of The Crossing as a concert hall for the community. This website is the first step towards publicising 'Music @ The Crossing' to a wider audience .

So please tell your friend and family about the concerts we have at The Crossing.